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X Odds

Taking the odds is an additional wager it is possible to make on the following bets: The Come bet - The Don't Come Bet - The Place Number bets and the Don't Come bet after the come-out roll. This is called 'to wager behind' - or 'to take the odds'. You can wager behind X times the amount you could win, where X Odds is the maximum number of odds bets you are allowed to make. If you are playing at a craps table with 2x odds allowed it looks like this: You bet $10 on your initial bet - so you could win $20 and hence wager $40 behind. Some casinos offer 10X odds and a few even offer up to 100x odds. To wager behind - or tale the maximum odds - is what a good craps player will do. The maximum odds allowed is a criteria of how good the craps game offered by the casino is. As the amount of allowed odds increases - the house advantage decreases a lot. When making the odds bet 1x the house edge is 0.85% on the pass line bet and and 0.68% on the don't pass bet. When making the odds bet 2x the house edge is cut down to 0.61% for the pass line bet and 0.45% for the don't pass bet. You can find more information about odds bets here at


Slang for 11.

Yo Eleven

A bet that the next throw will be 11 (5+6).

Yo - Elevine - Lost her Draws in the Men's Latrine

Slang for eleven.

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