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This page is dedicated to information about casino game tournaments and online poker tournaments. Do you think you are the best blackjack or poker player ever? Now it's time to prove it to the world! :-)

Gambling - Casino Game & Poker Tournaments

Net Entertainment Casinos always have a casino game tournament on the menu at least once a month. The best part is that it is actually possible to win small prizes once in a while in these tournaments - and sometimes BIG prizes.

I have in the past won $250 in such a casino game tournament at Cherry Casino. Cherry Casino is the most well known of the Net Entertainment Casinos. The tournament I won was a blackjack tournament. The winner in these kind of tournaments is usually the casino player who is able to get the best 'return on investment' during a minimum of 100 games and within a certain time frame of effective play.

In a Net Entertainment Tournament you can usually follow your position relative to the other players participating in the casino game tournament on a Leaderboard. It is a good idea to frequently keep en eye on your position in such a tournament - if you are ahead of your opponents, stop playing and let them take the risk of caching up with you. Most likely some of them - or all of them - will fail their quest and then you will win the tournament without playing more then necessary.

By keeping an eye on the Leaderboard you can make a better decision as to whether you want to risk it all to win the first prize or if you should take a break and let your opponents break their neck trying to catch up with you.

Net Entertainment is a group of 3 great online casinos. The software is more or less identical, but with a different theme across each brand. For example; Casino Euro's theme is Europe. The Net Entertainment group is made up by the following online casinos:

Net Entertainment Casinos offer Slots Tournaments, Video Poker Tournaments, Blackjack Tournaments and Buddy Poker Tournaments on a regular basis. Simply open an account with any Net Entertainment casino today and you'll receive emails with further details on available tournaments.

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