Germany Offers Online Sports Betting Applications

Published Friday, January 24, 2014 -
Germany Offers Online Sports Betting Applications

Germany has been giving online gambling operators a slow go round when it comes to regulations in that European jurisdiction. The German “Interstate Treaty on Gambling 2012 has been implemented by the new government and although the ISTG allows private providers to accept sports wagers (including those placed online) and includes further provisions which act to further liberalise the German gambling industry (especially in respect of lotteries), it still stipulates a general state monopoly for games of chance and a general ban on online gambling.

The ISTG was effective in each of the federal states, save for Schleswig Holstein the one state which did not comply with the general German ruling. Then in February of 2013, Schleswig Holstein’s gambling law was abolished by Germany's newly elected state government. The revocation of the gambling law was criticised by the EU Commission as it was done without sufficient justification. As of February 2013, all German federal states have adopted the ISTG.

It was recently revealed that 41 applicants for the country’s 20 federal sports betting licenses have received new instructions on how to fill out their application forms. Germany began the process of selecting its new 20 sports betting licensees shortly after it passed its interstate gambling treaty in mid-2012, but last November the Interior Ministry announced that none of the applicants had met the qualifications to be granted a license.

Applicant have until this March 14 2104 to re apply and those in the loop opined that this time round would be more efficient that previous times.

The Ministry in charge of the process still will take its sweet time in deciding whether the applications are properly filled out and the applicants worthy of consideration. Legal arguments will further delay any implementation of the licenses. Legal sports betting in Germany is not expected to commence until late this year.

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