Princeton Study Says Online Social Networks Doomed

Published Friday, January 24, 2014 -
Princeton Study Says Online Social Networks Doomed

The recent study by Princeton researchers has suggested that for the last decade the world has been infected with what the researchers are calling a disease called Facebook.

The implcations of the study are such that there is the prediction that Facebook will eventually die or fade away just as many other epidemics affecting society have done before.

It may seem like a stretch of the imagination to call Facebook a disease but let’s face it there are some similar traits associated with Facebook and the huge infectiousness factor that is gripping the minds of users around the globe. This could very well be compared to the infectious nature of social networking and the advent of online gambling one may contend.

The demise of Facebook and possibly social online gambling is that the interest in the process will fade away and by the year 2017 use may begin to crumble. A thing called Facebook fever has a cure and according to the Princeton study, Facebook fever resolves organically over time as we gradually become immune to its attractions.

The authors claim, "Ideas are spread through communicative contact between different people who share ideas with each other. Idea manifesters ultimately lose interest with the idea and no longer manifest the idea, which can be thought of as the gain of 'immunity' to the idea." Which is a very long way of saying: "Facebook got boring and uncool."

There is serious scepticism about the application of disease dynamics on a social network. The Princeton researchers make their case via epidemiological modelling, acronyms, and lots of formulae.

There have been examples of this idea of things changing rapidly on the internet before and if history and human nature are true to form then there is the possibility that online gambling may also lose its vast appeal and disappear from the public interest. The proof lies in the fact that online poker is already showing signs of diminished interest globally so just maybe the science has got it right, and only time will tell.

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