Super Bowl Online Gambling Weather Factor

Published Tuesday, January 28, 2014 -
Super Bowl Online Gambling Weather Factor

It is just a football game but it’s the championship football game that most of America and maybe a good part of the world is interested in watching and possibly betting on. The game is the of course the annual NFL Super Bowl XLVIII to be played on Sunday, February 2, 6:30 PM EST at the MetLife Stadium, in East Rutherford, New Jersey USA. The game is the culmination of the competition between America’s  best teams with the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos squaring off for the final event.

The game has its star players from both sides but this year the situation is a little different from years past. This time the betting props not only include the colour of the Gatoraid but the climate. The National Football League has even gone so far as to hire a meteorologist to advice league executives on the type of weather they should expect on game day.

Forty three year old John Bateman has been working on his maps and charts preparing for his daily consultations with the executives. “Not much pressure, right?” Bateman commented jokingly. The situation is unique in that this is the first time in the many years of the NFL SuperBowl history the great game will be played in the open with all that nature has to offer.

It has been a particularly brutal winter so far in North America with a new term making its way into the weatherman’s vocabulary. ‘The Arctic Vortex’ has been streaming frigid cold arctic air down farther south than ever before causing snow and wind and bone chilling temperatures never before experienced in New Jersey. There is little the league can do about the weather except to be as prepared as possible. Leading up to SuperBowl Sunday the weather has been getting more attention than the condition of the players or the strength of the teams. It has become a full time job for meteorologists working with state and local officials, television and radio forecasters from around America if not the world. Betting on the outcome of this SuperBowl means taking a chance on the weatherman.

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