Russia Still Trying to Ban Gambling

Published Thursday, January 30, 2014 -
Russia Still Trying to Ban Gambling

Russia is plagued with a number of issues not the least of which is the Russian penchant for gambling. The news recently in Russia has been pointing out the fact that the country has tried and failed to put down gambling there by banning casinos and other forms of betting except for regions that for the most part are too far away from anything to be easily accessed.

In 2009 gambling was banned in Russia and since then as many as sixty one thousand illegal gambling venues have been closed down by authorities in the country. It has been suggested that this is just a fraction of what is still happening in the country and that even as the casinos are being closed and equipment confiscated they are being replaced and reopened. Recently it was reported that the Russian Interior Ministry took down a network of ten illegal gambling venues with a daily income of $3 thousand USD. Approximately three hundred computers and slot machines were removed along with $150,000 in cash. It was concluded that the operation was being run from afar by foreigners.

There is no real connection between the arrest of deputy head of a police district in Moscow who is suspect in a case involving the covering up of alleged illegal gambling operations there. There has been a serious rift in the government ranks regarding gambling issues which has resulted in the Supreme Court dismissing all charges and starting over.

The Prosecutor General’s Office issued a statement recently claiming the confiscations and shutting down of illegal casinos have garnered the State $17.1 million dollars in fines. The 796 thousand slot machines are also a great scoop the authorities claim. These machines are in all probability being replaced by newer ones that are operating in some other part of Russia. There is little said about the online gambling taking place on Russian soil which is difficult for authorities to detect and destroy.




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