Canadians Online Super Bowl Betting

Published Thursday, January 30, 2014 -
Canadians Online Super Bowl Betting

Canadian punters are still not allowed to place wagers on one of America’s biggest sporting events legally that is. The Canadian laws regarding sports betting online have not been changed  to reflect the reality that thousands of Canadians like to watch and bet on the SuperBowl football match scheduled for this Sunday in New Jersey.

Supporters of sports betting reform in Canada are again turning up the heat as  Bill C-290, the sports betting legislation proposal to legalize single game bets in Canada is once again ready to debate in the Upper House of the Canadian parliament.  The final vote on the issue was delayed as representatives recessed leaving the proposal on the loading dock to simmer in controversy.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce lobbied the Senate for an end to the debate and a positive result in what has been stalled for over two years. Efforts by the various sporting organizations such as the National Football League and others put some doubt into Senators minds as to the safety of such a move by lawmakers. They argued that single event betting on sports would bring in corruption and destroy the integrity of sports in North America.

Brian Masse, the MP for Windsor-West and lead sponsor of Bill C-290, commented, “They need to deal with the fact that the House of Commons, the elected members of this country, voted in favour of creating a law to allow single-event sports betting to exist in provinces that choose that.”

It has been acknowledged that the Superbowl could generate as much as $90 million in wagers, and that brick and mortar casinos with another $150 million from tourists during the SuperBowl. Single game sports betting is not available at Canadian casinos, so punters bet at online casinos based offshore. The Canadian Gaming Association suggests that Canadians wager $14 billion on online sports books every year, and that $26 billion has been lost to the Canadian economy since Bill C-290 was introduced in the Senate.

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