Online Gambling In India Reform Required

Published Sunday, February 02, 2014 -
Online Gambling In India Reform Required

India is one of the BRIC countries that are emerging as economical superpowers. The legal online gambling industry has jet to penetrate Brazil, Russia, India, and China to any extent but the underground online gambling industry certainly has. We hear of big busts of illegal online gambling in the Asian jurisdictions we hear of gambling being prohibited in Russia not much from Brazil except it is not a legal past time there even with the FIFA World Cup underway. In India there are laws but not much enforcement with cricket being fixed constantly and illegal gambling running rampant.

Governments of all of these countries are doing their best to keep its population honest by educating them of the rules regarding internet wagering. India has no dedicated online gambling laws yet online gambling is regulated to a great extent by provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000. India is somewhere where the people love to play and bet on games of chance and sporting events. The rules regarding online betting are less clear for the general population who continue to access offshore betting sites and local set ups.

Web sites in India that offer online poker are considered legal and sometimes illegal depending on the compliance level of the web domain. Confusion reigns in this jurisdiction as well as in others. The policing of the compliance for poker rooms in India are suspect and any new legal poker start ups are scrutinized closely by authorities.

Lawmakers in jurisdictions such as India are not up to speed when it comes to the internet wagering industry and its complex nature. A new approach should include regulatory platforms and a licensing commission. The problem is not in creating the environment for regulated poker and other forms of online betting but in the enforcement of the laws.   

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