US Tribes Want Legal Online Gambling

Published Tuesday, February 04, 2014 -
US Tribes Want Legal Online Gambling

In the USA there are many differing opinions on the value of online gambling and how the taxes derived from the activity can benefit the cash strapped jurisdictions versus the social problems associated with irresponsible gambling.

The American public is getting to see both sides of the coin and the elected officials are still getting up to speed with regard to making laws regulating online gambling and not upsetting the current status quo and risk not being re-elected. America also has a number of Tribal territories that have their own laws and rules regarding gambling on Native lands.

The sovereign Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians within the state of Wisconsin are cooperating with the Tribal Internet Gaming Alliance to regulate and offer online gambling conforming to the rules set up by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and other state and federal laws.

The Lac du Flambeau Band offered a play for free internet betting site just last year in the Lake of the Torches Casino and resort launching a test for possible real money action. “As online gaming legislation progresses throughout the United States, the Lac du Flambeau Tribal Council recognizes the need to stay in the forefront of the potential opportunities,” a tribal spokesperson explained.

Tribal Internet Gaming Alliance delegate Jerome "Brooks" Big John said, "These intertribal relationships are important as Tribal Nations strive to become more self-sufficient and economically secure," Big John continued, "Inter-tribal business partnerships can prove to be beneficial by sharing potential risks, reducing costs and bringing together different strengths that allow for more successful businesses. Establishing Tribal partnerships to advance mutual interests is important for the wellbeing and economic security of Tribal Nations as we honor our past and re-establish this kinship through commerce.”

American Indian tribes have 460 gaming facilities in 28 states and the Alliance is growing with more than 50 tribes in 18 states have expressed interest in joining. The concept is big and the rewards may prove substantial for tribal online gambling moving forward.





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