Federal US Online Gambling Debate Rages On

Published Saturday, February 08, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Federal US Online Gambling Debate Rages On

The situation in America regarding the federal government consideration for legalising online gambling has become a battle involving millions of dollars in lobbying efforts. In the States there is a great deal of political debate concerning the introduction of internet wagering which is now becoming a battle that rivals any fight. While there are those in the anti online gambling camp led by Sheldon Adleson and his billions there are now more efforts and money being poured into the alternate pro online gambling groups.

The Poker Players Alliance which is a not for profit group has been vocal about the right to play poker online nationwide has been met with a new group of gaming industry executives who are for online betting nationwide.  A true coalition for online gambling has been formed, with some serious contenders fighting for the future of internet gambling.

 Several major casino operators are in favor of expanding online gambling in the United States one of which is the MGM Resorts International Corporation which is lending its considerable financial clout to the debate. The Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection has putting a three-week online and print ad campaign against a federal ban on Internet gambling together costing approximately $250,000. The bulk of the campaign ads will run in the Washington, D.C. area, and Nevada is also being exposed to the issue.  

The official spokesman for the coalition is former GOP Representative Mike Oxley of Ohio who recently stated, “An across the board federal ban on online gaming would have unintended negative effects for Americans by encouraging illegal online gambling and bolstering the current black market,”  Oxley continued, “Millions of Americans are currently engaged in online gaming. A congressional ban would essentially ensure they are playing on an unsafe black market without the strong consumer protections that all Americans deserve,”



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