Netherlands Introduces Online Gaming Investment Fund

Published Thursday, February 13, 2014 -
Netherlands Introduces Online Gaming Investment Fund

The introduction of the online gambling industry in Europe has created a new interest in for investors both private and public. Recently GameOn announced an early-stage investment fund  with the Dutch government to foster the growth of game startups in the Netherlands.

The recently created games investment fund GameOn has been launched with a focus on the casual games industry. The fund was started with a healthy balance of €10 million and is expected to be matched by private investors for risk capital. The fund will also receive assistance from the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency an operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The goal for the partnership will be to attract foreign gaming entertainment companies to set up business in the Netherlands. Plus GameOn is supported by businesses in the areas of accountancy, legal, education, distribution, facilities, housing, analytics and other important sectors.

The entity is managed by a group of game industry and finance experts such as founding partner Reinout te Brake who commented, “We have a tremendous pool of talented and creative designers in the Netherlands, but they are mostly working for hire, and so we need to learn and build on our games monetisation knowledge,” Reinout te Brake added,  “Our aim is to bring together people with this monetisation and marketing knowledge along with the financial opportunity and creative talent to achieve explosive growth here in the Netherlands in this crucial sector."

Instilling the importance of the enterprise and the seriousness of the endeavour Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte explained, “Entertainment games are serious business and opportunity is knocking at our door. I’m therefore pleased to support the GameOn initiative, which reaffirms our country’s position as a pioneer in creativity and innovation.”

Reinout te Brake also said, “The games industry is evolving rapidly, with games companies and infrastructure providers constantly tweaking their content and business models to get an edge in the grab of the elusive consumers,”








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