Online Gamblers Using XP With Caution

Published Thursday, February 13, 2014 -
Online Gamblers Using XP With Caution

There are a few things we care about when it comes to computers and the software that runs them but one of them and especially if you’re an online gambler is security. A recent article about the windows operating system XP has many people looking for alternatives.

An Ottawa Canada security consultant claims that those using Microsoft XP could be vulnerable to hackers and malware once Microsoft stops providing free security updates. The consultant said that governments, utilities, banks and businesses may come under attack from unsavory sources.

Chris Dodunski, chief technology officer at Phirelight Security Solutions commented on the situation, "Ultimately, if you're running critical software on an architecture that has security flaws in it, you're eventually going to be bitten,"

Worldwide, as of January, about 30 per cent of all desktop computers were still running the XP operating system which came out in 2001. Dodunski said the system isn't very secure even before Microsoft drops support, "It's a flawed architecture, it's a flawed operating system in terms of security," he said, adding that there are lots of things hackers will find "far more easy [to do] on a machine that's running XP versus a machine that's not."

Corrine Pohlmann, senior vice-president of national affairs in Canada, a group that represents small businesses across the country, said that's something she's concerned about. "Once that information becomes breached, it becomes a liability issue for that business," she said. "If they are using systems where they are protecting personal information, they better make sure that they are upgrading to a new system, and I'm a little worried that a lot of them don't even know that they should be doing that right now."

These concerns are for governments and businesses to sort out but as an online gambler security is an issue too.





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