Optimove Tracks Online Gambling Customer Behaviour

Published Tuesday, March 04, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Optimove Tracks Online Gambling Customer Behaviour

Optimove was founded in 2009 and has a focus on software that understands every customer and can proactively influence their spending behavior.

The software implements a systematic approach to running, measuring and optimizing customer marketing campaigns. The first version of Optimove initially named Customer Value Maximizer was released in 2010.

The Israel based company can combine its tools with Facebook Custom Audience to create powerful retention campaigns. Optimove’s applications programming interface allows developers to observe customer behavior with their apps and then use that information by segmenting customers into behavioral groups and predicting their next action. This makes it easier to customize marketing campaigns. The software integrates with email service providers, message boards and multi-channel campaign execution systems to automatically deliver campaigns to customers at specific times.

Optimove has recently announced the introduction of their online tool that allows marketers track the behavior of their Facebook app users and target them with special campaigns.  A company statement read, “This is an important step forward in transitioning the use of paid online advertising from being exclusively used for customer acquisition to making it an effective and measurable channel for customer retention,”

Optimove  is used by online gambling companies such as Caesars Interactive’s Playtika, but it isn’t limited to game companies. It uses a mathematical approach to customer modeling. Along with Playtika, Optimove customers include Bwin.Party, 888, La-Perla, and Navabi. The company has seen significant usage in the online gambling market, but it is expanding its base. One of the founders Pini Yakuel commented, “This new extension of our software is exciting to marketers for a number of reasons,” Yakuel added,  “It is really the first time that marketers can show a specific creative or campaign to certain segments of their customers on a paid advertising channel and accurately measure the uplift. When marketers understand the power of combining Facebook Custom Audiences with predictive customer micro-segmentation and automation, retention marketing will never be the same again.”


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