Police Pop Gambling Den in High End Kuwait

Published Wednesday, March 05, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Police Pop Gambling Den in High End Kuwait

Presently there are no legal gambling locations in the country of Kuwait. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, the State of Kuwait is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Made up mostly of desert, Kuwait also has nine islands. The largest of these islands is Bubiyan, which is connected to the mainland of Kuwait by a bridge. The nation of Kuwait is separated into six governorates.

The gambling availability is limited to clandestine gambling operation that runs in an underground environment. The other source of gambling opportunities are of course on the internet.

The Kuwait police have recently busted one of the land based operations located in a high rent apartment by a doctor in Kuwait City’s Salimiya neighbourhood which caters to high end tastes. Police in Kuwait have broken up an illegal casino recently arresting about 30 people including a US citizen and four individuals from Europe. These people were described as seasoned gambling professionals that were paid large money for operating the illegal casino.

The Criminal Investigations Department of the Interior Ministry has been conducting intense investigations about online gambling and are preparing a report on the growing trend reported Al-Anba daily news. A knowledgeable source maintains that thousands of youths of different nationalities are gambling through social networking sites like Facebook and other chat rooms. The youths play poker, black jack and roulette by purchasing virtual money in return of real money, the source said, adding there are around 400 people who sell virtual money in Kuwait and run gambling businesses through the internet.
The source said those selling virtual money will be arrested and legal action will be taken against them.
The official currency of the country is the Kuwaiti dinar, which is issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait. It is the highest valued unit of currency in the world today. There are still some online casinos online that are available to Kuwait internet users.


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