Online Gambling Data Collecting Ethical Issues

Published Monday, March 10, 2014 -
Online Gambling Data Collecting Ethical Issues

As with many issues surrounding online gambling today data collecting has surfaced one that has ethical concerns. Online gambling data collection is becoming a focus of interest for various stakeholders in the online gaming industry, since it is relevant for advertising, attracting new players, exploring new markets and trying out new products.

A recent episode of 60 minutes on American television brought to light the subject of collecting data on the internet which is in turn sold to various buyers of that information. Who is doing this data collecting? Companies like Spokeo, Epsilon, and Acxiom are among thousands of others. Acxiom is the largest marketing data broker who claims to have about 1500 pieces of information on more than 200 million Americans. Tim Sparapani has been following data brokers for years and says the issue is not about what is known to be collected, it is the information being obtained covertly that is a concern.

Geolocation technology is the hottest commodity on the market and some apps have actually used back doors into “private” areas like contacts to gain access to address book information. Researchers say there is some benefit in obtaining information regarding online gambling. The researchers into data collecting propose that tracking habits related to internet wagering activities of individuals can help determine whether the gambler has problems.

Online gambling is a psychological and sociological phenomenon that is becoming a focus of interest for an increasing number of researchers in the social sciences. Furthermore, researchers in the gambling studies field are starting to use online methods to gather their data, rather than traditional offline research approaches.

However, online research into online gambling is not without potential problems. Over the past few years, innovative social responsibility tools that track player behaviour with the aim of preventing problem gambling have been developed including PlayScan developed by the Swedish gaming company Svenska Spel.

Data on habits may be helpful but are still invasive, keeping aware of the fact that you are not alone while online is important to everyone.



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