Coinbase Big Fish Games Bitcoin Online Gamble

Published Wednesday, March 12, 2014 -
Coinbase Big Fish Games Bitcoin Online Gamble

The dissolving of Mt. Gox, the largest Bitcoin exchange, have left early adopters wondering about the fate of the popular crypto-currency and how it will fair in the next phase of its roller coaster history.

Fred Ehrsam, the co-founder of the widely used Bitcoin wallet Coinbase, said what happened to Mt. Gox is essentially a tech version of natural selection. He argued that companies that don’t know what they’re doing will fall by the wayside and the stronger firms will survive.

Now the casual games developer Big Fish Games will join forces with international secure Bitcoin wallet Coinbase to offer online customers a new way of buying games and making in-app purchases using the Bitcoin virtual currency. Big Fish Games launched its first casino game in the United Kingdom that enables real-money online gambling in 2012. The game uses technology from Betable, which hopes to enable online gambling as an option for all sorts of social mobile games.

The partnership between Coinbase and Big Fish will make itthe first gaming company to use Coinbase’s transaction platform. Ehrsam, commented, : “Our partnership with Big Fish is our first with a game company merchant, and not only signifies the growing adoption of Bitcoin across major industries, but also the future of small purchases on the internet. “Base fees on credit cards can take 15% or more of small purchases on the internet. Big Fish not only wanted to have an alternative and less costly form of payment, but also wanted to stay ahead of the curve by offering its customers options on how to pay for their entertainment.”

Big Fish’s founder and chief executive officer, Paul Thelen, said, “Being able to offer Bitcoin payments to our consumers through Coinbase is just one more way Big Fish is meeting demand and setting the pace for the mainstream consumer and for the mainstream industry,”






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