Online Gambling Gigantic Global Growth

Published Monday, April 07, 2014 -
Online Gambling Gigantic Global Growth

The internet has created a monster forum of information about just about anything on the planet. Gambling over the internet is part of a huge business that spans the continents and provides income to many individuals and governments alike. The online gambling industry is rapidly evolving into a mobile pastime with WIFI enabled tablets and smartphones becoming as common as pigeons were when that’s the way we sent and received messages.

The trends existing around the world are much a part of any online gambling operators game plan as the big companies are still dominate the field. Most also are registered in places like Gibraltar or the Isle of Man the big fish such as PokerStars, Digital Entertainment, William Hill Online as well as Paddy Power, Betfair, Ladbrokes and 888 Holdings are all doing fine by most standards each adding to the economy in various ways.

The situation in Brazil this year with the FIFA World Cup championships going on there is strange as Brazilians are not allowed to gamble on anything but the horses. Many still go to offshore betting locations to sports bet on their favourite teams and players. Mexico and Argentina have an online gambling policy that allows it only under special license. In Mexico illegal offshore websites are more attractive than the regulated domestic sites. Similar to Mexico, in France many gamblers turn to illegal sites.  An estimated twenty five percent of poker players chose to bet on unregulated networks in France.  The cause being the high taxes paid by the regulated French operators gives them smaller budgets to promote their products and services. This in turn means less money in the government coffers.

South America’s  most southerly country Argentina has the largest number of registered online gambling and betting websites and a potential market consisting of millions in Latin America. That is just a small piece of the online global gambling pie that has yet to be touched.



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