English Football Association Wants Betting Ban

Published Thursday, April 10, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
English Football Association Wants Betting Ban

Sometimes serious problems require serious solutions as in the situation concerning the corruption in English Football. The solution the English Football Association’s national governing body has put forward is to ban participants in the country’s top four divisions from betting on any match or competition in the world.

Starting in the 2014 2015 football season the proposed ban on betting any anything to do with football including trades and administration changes would take effect. The English Premier League, English Football League, Professional Footballers’ Association, League Managers’ Association and Football Conference were all asked to condone the proposed prohibition and the Football Association’s Council  recommendation was unanimous. FA shareholder will have an opportunity t vote on the ban and its details come their Annual General Meeting on May 21 2014.

Current FA rules state that no participant can bet on a match or competition in which they involved that season, or which they can or influence, or any other football-related matter concerning the league they play in.

Darren Bailey, the Director of football governance and regulation, commented on the changes to the current rules and regulations, “The FA constantly evaluates its rules and regulations to ensure that they meet the needs of the modern game,” Bailey, continued, “It is important to stress that the rules form only one part of the overall framework for the regulation of betting and maintaining the integrity of the English game.

“In addition to the monitoring of betting markets throughout the world, education remains a key part of our work.

"Building on previous education programmes, we will continue to communicate to all levels of the game not only the Rules on betting, but also the restrictions in place on the use of inside information and the reporting obligations on participants.

“In doing so, we will further stress the collective responsibility that all those involved in football have in upholding the integrity of football in England and beyond."


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