Online Odds Out for Welterweight BoxingTitle Match

Published Friday, April 11, 2014 -
Online Odds Out for Welterweight BoxingTitle Match

Following the announcement of the controversial decision after the last Pacquiao Bradley fight in June of 2012 the crowd booed loudly. The competence of the judges was questioned and the very credibility of the sport of boxing was also wondered about. After much analysis and critical research the decision to award the bout to Bradley was thought to be a close one but unfair to the obvious winner Pacquiao. Odds makers were stunned by the outcome but not Bradley who for his win, received a US$5 million check. Pacquiao said he was shocked by the result, but accepted the decision respectfully, saying "I did my best. I guess my best wasn't good enough," adding, "He never hurt me with his punches, most of them landed on my arms."

Following that event, Bradley announced that he would welcome a rematch and that time has come. The "Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2" championship boxing showdown that is set to take place at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Paradise, Las Vegas Nevada. The odds makers are taking into account the last match these two were in and altering their expectations accordingly. With an event this big, the oddsmakers have gone all-out, giving the public many options to bet on almost any imaginable aspect of the WBO Welterweight title rematch.

Some bets offered are simple and easy to understand while others take a leap and are long shots at best. A simple bet on who will win the rematch between Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley odds makers say Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao is at 10/23 (-230) and Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley 9/5 (+180)

Other betting options include the Exact Result and Method of Victory as in which round and at what score. It gets even more complex with the Rounds Props. The experts say bet by decision for the best results and look at the contestants track records for some insight.








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