Online Gambling Stock A Good Investment

Published Monday, May 12, 2014 -
Online Gambling Stock A Good Investment

While many people enjoy playing online slots just to relax and watch with some excitement as the reels spin and then sounds ring out with the possibility of money coming your way. The slot machine is certified to be a randomly generated number so luck has everything to do with it. There have been comparisons between gambling and the stock market. Yes in many ways they are similar but if you do your research just as in sports betting and horse racing your chances improve with information.

It is no wonder that people who lose millions on stock market deals and at the end of the day still want to buy and sell again are compared to gamblers. Investing in online gambling operators was good for while before the American laws changed in2006 and then the industry was shredded within weeks.

Gambling on the industry has paid handsomely for Playtech and GTECH and 888 Holdings and one firm that was written up as a mover was Glu Mobile a developer of mobile games. The company teamed up with Probability and announced its first real-money gambling offering in the U.K. back in 2013. The company has been selected as a good buy for 2014 by a few brokers who scan the market for the bigger fish at lower prices. The company releases its video games internationally via multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone and Google Chrome. Embodying the “freemium” model, games created by Glu are typically free to play. Glu generates revenue through in-game micro-transactions consisting of $1.99 or less.   

Glu CEO Niccolo de Masi said in a statement when they announced they would be moving into online gambling for real money,  "We anticipate that real-money gambling will continue to gain momentum globally and believe that with this offering, Glu is well positioned to capitalize to the extent that additional markets adjust regulations,"

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