FIFA 2014 Online Betting Challenged by Corruption

Published Wednesday, May 21, 2014 -
FIFA 2014 Online Betting Challenged by Corruption

The world of football comes together in Brazil this year with the 2014 FIFA World Cup about to commence June12 winding up on July 13 with the final group games starting on June 23. Security chief for the games Ralf Mutschke concludes that the biggest danger from match fixers at this year’s World Cup is likely to come during the final round of group games.

Those matches, beginning June 23, will involve a few teams with no chance of advancing, and criminals may find some players more susceptible to accepting a bribe. Mutschke said in an interview, “We have a broad variety of different measures to look at the betting market, to make a risk assessment of each single game,” Mutschke continued, “The final is probably not at risk. The group stage is a different situation for some of the teams.”

Mutschke a former German police officer said, “I do believe the World Cup is safe, but I have to do a lot of preventative work to make sure the World Cup will be safe in the future as well,”

That preventive work includes integrity briefings that also have measures that target high-risk players, referees and fixtures. “We are also indicating the players, the teams and their histories in fixing and making a risk assessment,” Mutschke added, “Is it a group match, is it the first match, is it the end-of-a-group match, is it a final? This indicates the vulnerability.” 

Adding to the alarm former Interpol chief Khoo Boon Hui, has issued a match-fixing warning ahead of the 2014 World Cup saying that  global scrutiny of the World Cup will not deter individuals from attempting to fix matches.

Khoo commented, “My own sense is that match-fixers are just gamblers who are trying to get better odds for themselves, of course what they have done is very reprehensible, but to them it’s just another way of making money.”

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