Online Poker in Pennsylvania a Possibility

Published Monday, June 02, 2014 -
Online Poker in Pennsylvania a Possibility

Online poker in the USA is going through big changes with some states deciding to regulate and offer licenses to operate internet poker wit state limits. Online poker is already legal in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey with many other US jurisdictions considering the move to regulate. Progress on a federal bill to legalize online poker  has been dreadfully slow.

A recent announcement stated the Pennsylvania Senate will host an online gambling hearing. The story which was first aired by said that State Senator Edwin Erickson will announced his plans prior to the hearingto introduce an online gambling bill that would legalize online poker in the state. Part of the proposed legislation read, ‘Ongoing developments in technology and the recent legal developments have created an environment under which the Commonwealth may pursue the legalization of interactive poker as a means further to enhance and complement the benefits delivered by casino gaming and the licensed facilities and the communities in which they operate.’

The hearing will commence before the Senate Committee on Community, Economic and Recreational Development, with the agenda reading ,  “The purpose of this hearing is to consider the current state and potential for growth with regard to the Pennsylvania casino gaming industry in an increasing competitive atmosphere… including the potential impact of new revenue sources (i.e., iGaming/ online gaming) … avoiding the status quo to prevent stagnation and decline in the industry along with the revenues and jobs it generates. The goal of the CERD committee is to determine the best practices and course of action, versus pushing any specific agenda, to ensure the economic viability of the PA gaming industry for the foreseeable future.”

Erickson’s proposed bill calls for a “Bad Actor” clause as set in December 31, 2006. There is also a $5 million licensing fee with no fixed time limit and a 14% tax rate plus the ability to enter into interstate compacts.



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