Innovative Approach For Social Online Gambling

Published Friday, June 06, 2014 -
Innovative Approach For Social Online Gambling

The word innovation pops up a great deal in the virtual world of online gambling. Innovation is taking something that is ordinary and turning it into something special. The Steve Jobs approach delves into a passion for good design and quality that holds no bars when it comes to a creating a product. Trade shows and conferences treat the consumer and the product producer to a forum on which to display their latest innovations and see a reaction.

The concept of staying ahead of your competition through the improvement of your product may though be a waste of time without adequate marketing initiatives. The experience of online gambling operators in Italy and France has shown that succeeding in a newly regulated market requires solid product accompanied by strong marketing strategy and execution.  Innovation at the product level has been relatively limited and many operators have been content to monetise traditional terrestrial gaming through online and now mobile channels.

The former CEO for online gambling company 888 Holdings Gigi Levy-Weiss said back in 2012 just before he left his post at 888 Holdings, “Years of relatively easy, profitable ‘.com’ activity allowed the industry to have limited focus on innovation…..and even now is mostly focused on execution and regulatory expansion. I have no doubt that the next big winners in online gambling will be those who will be able to bring significant product innovation to the yearning customers.”

It has been suggested by many that social online gambling for real money is the next big thing in the industry. Innovative math models, compelling game progression, integration of video game-type bonus experiences matched with core social features, like befriending and gifting, have evolved into an operators’ tool kit to engage, monetise and gain retention of customers.

The basic third party operators have given an opportunity to small, highly-skilled and passionate teams to surge ahead by moving fast and having a fresh, metrics driven, intuitive approach to product marketing and development.





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