iPhone6 Will Be Better For Mobile Online Gambling

Published Monday, June 09, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
iPhone6 Will Be Better For Mobile Online Gambling

 The internet is awash with rumor, speculation and wrong information regarding the next-generation iPhone handset. Not many details have been revealed about the iPhone 6, but there have been suggestions that the latest smartphone from Apple is going to be a good choice for the online gambler on the move. As the mobile gambling environment continues to grow at light speed there are more high-quality games becoming available.

The app store from Apple does make available gambling games for real money while Google’s Play Store does not. Apple is rapidly catching up to Android which is the leader in apps for mobile online gambling.   The iPhone 6 could very well turn the tables and have a major impact on the mobile gambling industry. According to a survey of 4109 US consumers the iPhone 6 is the most anticipated Apple smartphone ever.  

This phone is shaping up to be a great device for gamblers starting with the display which is expected to be bigger but the device itself will be about the same size as the current model.  The new model is also rumored to have a much better touch screen making it more responsive and capable of quality graphics. A security feature is also available on the iPhone 6 which will have “Touch ID”, a fingerprint system that will help protect gamblers against theft. The iPhone 6 anticipated release date will be sometime in 2014 speculation is we'll see it in September or October which would fit in well with the launch of the new operating system iOS 8. There's one thing we can be sure about when it comes to the iPhone 6, it won't be cheap.

It has been widely reported that Apple could introduce two handset sizes as it seeks to compete with the many Android devices now on the market with both being a lot thinner because of massive improvements in the LED backlighting technology.

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