Regulated Online Gambling Supports ESSA

Published Tuesday, June 10, 2014 -
Regulated Online Gambling Supports ESSA

Fairness has always been the hallmark of a regulated online gambling system because regulation attempts to keep the lid on the corruption that is possible in many aspects of a business. Pure ethics sometimes doesn’t have a chance in the competitive business of online gambling but the gambling consumer expects nothing less. The online gambling operators that are reputable are the ones that have shown to the global betting community via the internet that they stand by their products and pay out on time. If those trusted web locations where the consumer of gambling products can bet a bundle and lose it in the blink of an eye don’t pay back then the internet community labels them as frauds.

One organization that takes the idea of staying to the rules is The European Sports Security Association which has recently announced it will focus on tennis and football as the two sports that generated the most unusual betting patterns during 2013. The newly released ESSA Integrity Report 2014, the organisation recorded 148 unusual betting patterns, and an additional 30 alerts were found to be suspicious and then that information was referred to the relevant sporting and regulatory bodies.

Forty four percent of the alerts registered in 2013, were concerned with tennis while thirty eight percent referred to unusual betting on football. Snooker was the next sport, having created 3.5% of all alerts in the last year. It was qualified by adding that a betting pattern is only confirmed as suspicious after the ESSA has made detailed enquiries with its members to eliminate any prospect that the regular patterns are normal and legal. It was also noted by the organization that suspicion does not always mean corruption but that there is “sufficient concern based on detailed evidence to warrant further investigation by the relevant sport body or regulator”.



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