Asian Online Gambling Domains Sued By Adelson

Published Monday, June 30, 2014 -
Asian Online Gambling Domains Sued By Adelson

Sheldon Adelson’s  vehement anti online gambling stance has been gaining momentum in the USA and now the Las Vegas Sands gambling group is suing the owners of 35 web domains for alleged trademark and  reputational violations, filing federal lawsuits recently in the United States District Court for the District Of Nevada.

The has recently reported that the Chinese characters equivalent to the Las Vegas Sands trademark are being used to suggest there is some affiliation between the Sands and their websites which is intended to attract gamblers to the offshore websites.

Adelson's company is accusing these web sites of trademark infringement, false designation of origin, and dilution under the Lanham Act, as well as submitting claims for common law trademark infringement, & common law unfair competition, and seeking injunctive relief, damages & costs. The law suit claims that the anonymous domain owners have set up a network of Chinese language Internet websites that have been made accessible to citizens in the USA and designed to drive online gambling users to one or more online casinos.

The Las Vegas Sands has asked for the court to order the domain registrants eNom, Inc.,, Inc.,, Inc., and or VeriSign, remove or disable the current domain name server information for all thirty five domain information on their servers. The law suit also requests that the domain names be put on hold and locked pending further action by the Court.

It is obvious that the 35 dotcom domains do clearly intend to reference the Las Vegas Sands in their wording and graphic display, showing its properties, without the consent of the Las Vegas Sands company, the claim states. The complaint also explains an instance where the web site violations have far-reaching effects for Las Vegas Sands and its campaign to stop internet gambling in the USA.

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