E.C.Proposes Advertizing Warnings for Online Gambling

Published Friday, July 04, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
E.C.Proposes Advertizing Warnings for Online Gambling

The need for regulations regarding advertizing for online gambling services is apparent in Europe and other jurisdictions. The aim of restrictions for online gambling operators is to warn and protect the vulnerable and young from habit forming activities such as excessive wagering. The online gambling industry has a responsibility to maintain high standards to reduce the risk a player or potential player may encounter and most are in favour of the rules proposed by various organizations.

It was recently reported by Reuters that the European Commission is urging countries to demand that online gambling advertisement be subject to the same warnings that are on tobacco products and ads. The European Union has been wrestling with inconsistent legal situations regarding the online gambling industry and has had a difficult time harmonizing the e commerce regulations among the member nations. The recommendation by the European Commission is not legally binding but will encourage member countries to tighten the rules regarding ads for online gambling services. According to the European Commission gambling services are expanding at fifteen percent per year the quickest of all other activities in the E.U. an activity that had 6.8 million users back in 2011.

The European Commission is attempting to improve the regulations for the 10.5 billion-euro or $14.3 billion online gambling industry. It has recommended that the firms should be focusing on advertisements that deal with compulsive and problem gambling.

The E.C. proposes that online gambling operators advertizing promotes the real chances of winning or losing and the risk involved in wagering online including the possible addictive qualities of the activity. It was also mentioned that resources for assistance for problem gamblers be advertized by the operators. The Commission may even prohibit operators from sponsoring activities that are aimed at youth. These recommendations are a big step forward and will create a safer and more responsible situation for both the consumer and the online gambling service provider.





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