Online Social Sports Betting and Innovative Trends

Published Monday, July 07, 2014 -
Online Social Sports Betting and Innovative Trends

The online gambling industry as a money maker is massive but as the movement grows so does the competition and then things change. When there isn’t profit in a game then most business people say let’s move on. This is where it gets interesting because when market saturation hits an industry the big operators get bigger and the little guys get swallowed up. Eventually the consumer has less choice and looks again for the new kid on the block. Social media has created a community minded approach that is allowing people to connect with similar interests all over the planet with some twitter followings in the millions for famous people. That’s millions of people waiting to see what someone is going to say.

Some predictors have said that social sports betting may be the next biggest thing on the online gambling industry’s horizon. That being said innovative attempts are already being established and may find a niche in the infinitely expanding gambling world. As the competition heats up so does innovation and sports betting on social media has massive potential when one acknowledges the awesome power of the internet. Technology is propelling the industry to new experiences with the introduction by online betting exchange Betfair of the Google Glass enhanced television spots in the U.K. The company has a strategic business plan to use the new technology to “improve customers’ betting experience.”

Today’s internet experience is advancing at a rate that is hard to keep up with. In a press release, Betfair’s Director of Product Innovation Alex Deacon expressed his excitement: “We are hugely proud to be the first betting company to embrace Google Glass, an innovation that is a natural fit with our heritage in technology,” Deacon continued, “TV viewers will now know that when they are listening to Betfair’s Barry Orr, they are listening to the most up to date odds and betting information available,”






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