ESSA Online Betting Security Conference Planned

Published Thursday, July 10, 2014 -
ESSA Online Betting Security Conference Planned

The European Union has been getting tough on match fixing and is determined by all accounts to wrestle the problem to the ground. The European Sports Security Agency’s core mandate is to facilitate cross-sector partnerships and to protect operators, their customers and sporting bodies from betting related corruption. A major element of ESSA’s success has been its ability to quickly gather detailed intelligence on suspicious betting activity and to pass the appropriate information on to the relevant regulators and sporting authorities to take any action deemed necessary.

ESSA’s membership includes the majority of the major European licensed on and offline private betting operators but it is open to any licensed operator and we also represent a number of non-European based companies. Khalid Ali, secretary general of the organization has spoken to the Council of the European Union to arrange a new international match-fixing convention. The Europe Conference for Ministers responsible for Sport coming up in September in Switzerland will host the event.

Ali commented, “The general approach has, with our sector’s strong support, evolved from one which now quite rightly seeks to reflect the wide range of existing regulatory frameworks that are in operation rather than to replace them,” he continued, “Imposing a single regulatory approach across jurisdictions was never going to be a viable approach and the text instead provides what could be seen as a minimum standard which regulators and their licensed operators in many European countries will already met or exceed.” Explaining further Ali added, “We would have preferred that the definition covering illegal sports betting be different. Clearly having one country view an operator regulated in another as illegal is prone to potential inconsistencies in the application of the text.” “It also distracts from the real issue, which is of course the multitude of totally unregulated operators, many of which are outside of Europe, and important internal issues within sports concerning poor governance and financial mismanagement which is making players more susceptible to advances from corrupters.”

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