Amaya Gaming's Online Poker Deal A Good Bet

Published Sunday, July 13, 2014 -
Amaya Gaming's Online Poker Deal A Good Bet

It may seem like old news with the huge purchase of Rational Group by Canadian firm Amaya Gaming at the unbelievable cost of $4.9 billion but it is very big news in the online gambling industry. The takeover is expected to make Amaya the world's biggest publicly listed online gambling company. A recent article in the Canadian news paper The Globe and Mail says the deal has the potential to transform online gambling, and Amaya Gaming is wagering that more American States will eventually legalize online gambling.

The article points out that the company now has to go through the regulatory hurdles as well as social issues and the risk that online gambling may be prohibited in the USA. Another problem facing the form is the fact that major credit card companies and other financial institutions are hesitant to do business with online gambling operators whether it’s considered legal or not.

Amaya does intent to sit and wait for the action to pick up but has a strategic plan in place with the goal being to increase PokerStars’ and Full Tilt’s pool of 86 million registered players. The firm also plans to offer other online games, mobile applications and will partner with land-based casinos as well as the market available through social-media.

David Baazov the chairman and chief executive officer of Amaya Gaming Group Inc. said recently, “We expect to acquire additional customers and bring them into the mix that may be specific to poker but really expand that customer base,” adding,  “The focus is to grow the sector,”

While some advances have been made in penetrating the US online poker market Baazov says the U.S. is only part of a larger expansion strategy and other markets in gambling regions such as Europe and Asia are also potential directions for the firm. This is one huge gamble for Amaya but with 86 million registered customers it looks like a good bet it will survive.


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