Online Gambling Joins U.K.Gambling Business Group

Published Wednesday, July 16, 2014 -
Online Gambling Joins U.K.Gambling Business Group

The online gambling industry is reportedly the fastest growing business in the European Union and the United Kingdom represents a big part of that growth. A recent article in SBC news has revealed the formation of the Gambling Business Group which is hailed as the new voice of the gaming industry in the U.K.

The formation of the strategic body which encompasses members drawn from the Pub, Bingo, AGC, FEC, On-line, LBO and Casino sectors boasts a membership of 50 organizations made up of many of the most influential groups in gaming. The former President of the British Amusement Catering Trade Association Nick Harding will take on the role of Chairman and well known senior gaming executive Peter Hannibal will be the Chief Executive Officer.

 Peter Hannibal commented, “Our objective is to provide a strategic voice for gaming in the UK in a way in which individual trade associations are unable due to their remit, which, by definition, has to be very specific.  We are complementary to trade associations and many of our members subscribe to their own trade groups across gaming and various professions working for gaming companies.”

Hannibal continued, “One of our unique strengths is the ability to talk about all machine types, high stake and low stake gaming and across all sectors. We have already held some extremely useful and productive meetings with the Gambling Commission and we are committed to contributing to a more open and progressive dialogue with our regulators.  The GBG membership is clear about the very real challenges which lie ahead and the need to engage with key stakeholders in a positive way.” “The objectives for the Gambling Business Group are purposely concentrated on improving the business environment for its members, which includes engaging with government thinking, helping to shape the political agenda and protecting the long term future of the companies and people working within the Industry. Key areas of focus are regulation and legislation, government policy and of course social responsibility.”


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