Responsible Online Gambling Urged By E.C.

Published Sunday, July 20, 2014 -
Responsible Online Gambling Urged By E.C.

The controversy that surrounds policy challenges in the European Union have made it difficult for the authors of the proposed rules to get their point across. The European Commission has been trying to get the message out there that there are dangers associated with gambling and online gambling is included that can be avoided. Taking a responsible role the European Commission has issued a statement acknowledging that something must be done to reign in the current proliferation of online gambling firms and their advertizing.

While politicians of many stripes are all for the betting shops and don’t mind the sponsorships provided by the betting companies for major sports there are concerns that the gambling culture is affecting the youth of Europe. The European Commission has been "urging" the politicians to make significant changes to the laws governing online gambling but the subtle approach has done little to curb the very real issues involving problem betting. The E.C. wants every bettor to set spending limits, or sign up for alerts about their winnings or losses as they bet online.
It has been suggested by critics that the methods suggested by the well intentioned European Commission simply do not work. Obviously if you reach your limits with one online gambling service provider, you can sign up with another of the thousands available.

The E.C. has been urging member states to develop policies on advertizing but are running up against the fact that many online gambling operators are already entrenched in the activity of advertizing major sporting activities. Keeping today’s youth from being exposed to betting company advertizing is a lost cause say the critics who point out that one of the most glamorous football clubs in the world, Real Madrid, had the name of an online gambling operator emblazoned on its jerseys and the field. The truth of the matter is responsible gambling should be taught early in schools and at home by example.




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