Online Gambling Part of Atlantic City's Future

Published Friday, July 25, 2014 -
Online Gambling Part of Atlantic City's Future

Atlantic City has seen some tough times before but now the situation is looking dire. Online gambling was supposed to revitalize the casino industry in New Jersey but has failed to do that quick enough to save the casino empire that once flourished. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, and Casino Control Commission has been keeping records on the revenue generated by the Atlantic City Casinos for a number of years. The building of new casinos and the huge workforce that each resort hotel casino provided in the late 70’s and during the next 20 years is staggering. As late as 2003 the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa opened and made $4.4 billion and it alone employs around 42,000 people.

Now the Major of Atlantic City, Don Guardian has his sights set on another kind of revitalizing for Atlantic City just as the closure of more resort casinos looms. The massive number of employees that are facing joblessness has the unions mounting their own growing effort to keep them open by attracting new bidders and offering flexibility in contract negotiations with any potential buyer.

The Las Vegas Sands was one of the first to leave Atlantic City in 2006 taking with it about 45,000 jobs and $5 billion in revenues. Mayor Guardian says, "Atlantic City is a destination in transition; there can be no doubt that significant changes are beginning to take hold," he told reporters Thursday on a conference call with national media outlets to promote tourism in his city. "We will endure the pain that comes with transitioning from an economy overly reliant on a single industry," he said. "We know there are growing pains; they will diminish over time."

The optimism that the Major has for the coming about of Atlantic City’s fortunes is not shared by the thousands who face or are already out of work. Guardian continued, "The chapter on gaming is closing. I'd like you to find a mile of beach anywhere from Cape Cod to Key West that has the amount of investment that Atlantic City has."




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