Online Gambling Software Helping Punters Win

Published Sunday, August 24, 2014 -
Online Gambling Software Helping Punters Win

Technology is one way to beat the odds when placing bets online. Useful data collecting gives the punter a distinct advantage over those who don’t do their research. There are software programs available online that have been developed to predict possible outcomes of games bet on. Book makers are not that happy with RebelBetting which offers software related to algorithms that identifies differently priced online bookmaker odds for the same sporting event.

Mr Renström is the co-founder and chief executive of RebelBetting a former computer programmer makes a profit betting in an informed way. Betting on sports has become a business although a niche element many professionals are serious about the process. RebelBetting charges a €129  monthly fee for a license to use its software, which gathers combinations of odds for football, rugby and tennis matches. Applicants  then have a minimal opportunity to place two matching bets manually benefiting from the software.

RebelBetting is a Sweden-based company employs four people but had earnings before interest and tax of Skr3.6m ($523,000) on revenues of SKr6.7m last year. Renström says, “A normal player can make 10 to 12 per cent per month,” Renström continued, “The greater bankroll you have the better up to a threshold of around €35,000, after which it gets increasingly difficult to distribute the money.” Beating the book makers at their own game isn’t quite that easy. There are scores of “get rich quick scams” that have novice gamblers totally hoodwinked.

Richard Carter, an analyst at Deutsche Bank commented, “As soon as you start doing well the big bookmakers will limit the size of stakes you can place,”

Ladbrokes the U.K. book maker says that at the point of accepting a bet, it does not see the motive or process behind that bet and whether or not it is a bet generated by sports bet trading machines.

“If we became aware over time that tools were available to consistently deliver profit to a customer we would need to take action to reduce our risk and exposure,” a Ladbrokes spokesperson commented.










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