Conflict Over US Online Lottery Gambling

Published Monday, August 25, 2014 -
Conflict Over US Online Lottery Gambling

In America the debate is simmering over the legal challenge regarding federal rules for online gambling across the nation. Sheldon Adelson the owner operator of the Sands Casino is leading the charge against online gambling proliferation in the USA. While opposition to online gambling is growing in some states such California other US jurisdictions are moving forward on platforms that offer online gambling via lotteries and games. The States of Kentucky and Georgia are pro internet lottery and see the financial benefits of offering digital betting. Just last month the Kentucky Lottery Corporation began seeking facilitators for online betting to increase revenues and lottery sales. There is some disagreement over the direction the Kentucky Lottery Corporation is headed with local retailers believing the introduction of online availability will impact their bottom line. Others such as those in the horse racing industry are opposed to internet availability commented,  “When we amended the constitution in the state of Kentucky to allow the lottery, we put the state of Kentucky in direct competition with the horse industry. It’s the only industry I know of that has to compete with its own government for success and survival.”

Georgia is lobbying against the Sheldon Adelson group which wants to see online gambling prohibited across the board. The sale of online lottery tickets introduced by the State of Georgia in 2012 has generated over $6 million for social needs in the State, most importantly its educational fund. Debbie Dlugolenski Alford at the helm for the Georgia lottery said the online platform “continues to be critical to our success and our ability to grow revenues for education.” The chief added, “Innovative and effective methods of increasing revenues are central to keep up with rising costs of providing education, and the incremental sales growth provided by this channel plays a vital role in that effort,”


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