Seniors Online Gambling Issues Explored

Published Friday, September 05, 2014 -
Seniors Online Gambling Issues Explored

In the online gambling industry there are demographic sectors which tend to have difficulties staying responsible. Many governments and health organizations tend to focus on problem gambling solutions for youth while not looking as closely as they could at another vulnerable group, the seniors.

Recognizing problem gambling habits among the senior demographic has become an important issue for operators. Those who are involved in the prevention of issues regarding gambling are concerned that the older gambler has trouble seeking help. Many seniors hide their issues well and friends and children often don’t recognize problems until it’s too late.

Seniors in terrestrial casinos are often attracted to the free bus transportation, free or discounted meals, special rewards and other prizes. While online gambling offers a comfortable and secure place to play.  Also many seniors use gambling as a way to escape loneliness, depression, or even chronic health conditions. Cognitive difficulties sometimes impairs the senior citizen ability to make clear and rational judgement calls adding to situations that would otherwise not happen. Many older individuals simply don’t understand that they may be addicted to what was at first a pleasurable pastime. When it comes to online gambling it may become more difficult to disengage from the activity before getting into financial difficulties. A senior could be confused or embarrassed when they can’t control their urge to gamble and are reluctant to seek help. Even when they do realize they may have problem gambling issues they have a hard time finding the much needed help.

Many seniors fall prey to scams that falsely offer great prizes or gifts but continue to play without limits. For friends and family of the older demographic it is important to watch over them and keep a record of money spent and whether gambling online or in a land based casino is having a negative impact on the individual’s life. Recognizing the signs of problem gambling is the first and most important step in keeping  everyone healthy and happy.




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