Remote Gambling Restrictions Coming to Singapore

Published Monday, September 08, 2014 -
Remote Gambling Restrictions Coming to Singapore

Recent reports in a number of news sources in Singapore have made it clear there will be some moves proposed in the parliament that will change the online gambling regulations in the country of over five million people. The proposed legislation, called the Remote Gambling Bill, will make it illegal to offer  online gambling services to those people living in Singapore, whether they are based here or overseas, and will give authorities the power to compel banks and other payment providers to block fund transfers to and from online gambling websites.

Advertising of online gambling services will also be illegal in all forms of media. However, the Bill aims to create an exemption system, where Singapore-based organisations can apply to be excluded from the restrictions. Those applying for the exemptions will have to meet certain criteria including being a non-profit organization that contributes to charitable projects, and has a good track record of complying with local laws. Remote gambling refers to gambling on the Internet, telephone or any other platform that facilitates communication. With the new Bill, the authorities are moving to curb such activities, which is mostly unregulated at this time.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said web locations that may be blocked include those that "provide, facilitate or advertise remote gambling", while financial institutions will be instructed to block transfers to accounts linked to persons involved in unlawful remote gambling activities.

A member of the National Council on Problem Gambling, Gerald Singham commented, "By introducing the Remote Gambling Bill, what the Government is trying to move punters towards the authorised operators. By doing this, we are hoping to implement social safeguards, through these authorised operators who have been exempted."

Singapore is known for its strict and controlling administration so there is a strong chance the Remote Gambling Bill will be passed.



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