Online Gambling Important News

Published Friday, September 19, 2014 -
Online Gambling Important News

Keeping on top of what is happening in the online gambling world requires reading the latest news for online casino developments. The interest in online gambling has grown in many ways over the years to include the political, financial, technical and legal challenges that internet betting has created. The USA is still in heated discussion all over the country over whether online gambling should be permitted at all.

In Europe the Union is having difficulty finding a regulatory platform that satisfies all of its members. All this being said the news takes on a more vital role in keeping the customer informed and safe. A recent press release is an example of the role that news plays in the ever changing world of gambling online. The breaking news report  announced the foreclosure of bingo sites owned by gambling operators John and Mike Yates. A number of bingo sites are to be affected, all of which have been removed from Online Casino Reports. You must not try to register with or play at Big Time Bingo, Bingo Palace, BingoSC,, Slot Center, and WorldwideVegas. This is news vital to online Bingo players everywhere.

There is a down side to some news reports such as this one that the principals had failed to maintain their payments. The announcement clearly listed the before mentioned web domains as bingo sites to avoid. Unfortunately, it was also stated that players with funds invested in these sites operated by the Yates were most unlikely to be reimbursed.

The announcement of the bankruptcy provided further details which revealed that the Yates had not paid debts that were owed to employees, investors, and service providers. Additionally, it was also insinuated that the Yates did not operate a fair gaming policy, utilising house players and software bots to prevent real players from winning. The news travels fast and it looks like these people are not to be trusted.



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