Asian Online Gambling Law Variables

Published Tuesday, September 23, 2014 -
Asian Online Gambling Law Variables

The world of online gambling is divided into various jurisdictions that have their own regulatory platforms when it comes to gambling online or off. People all over the world love to bet but it not accepted everywhere with the same enthusiasm. The latest trend towards online betting especially the mobile applications has some governments such as the Singapore administration clamping down hard on all aspects of gambling over the internet banning online gambling and imposing criminal penalties under provisions of new legislation introduced in Parliament, effectively closing the market to offshore operators.
Under Singapore’s Remote Gambling Act 2014, players gambling online will be committing a criminal offense. There is also a comprehensive set of preventative measures including website blocking, payment blocking and a ban on advertising included in the new legislation. The story is very different in another Asian jurisdiction. The Hong Kong Bureau of Home Affairs revealed recently that it did not intend to follow the same road as Singapore with regards to the policing and monitoring of online gambling in the region.
The privacy of citizens is important to the Hong Kong Bureau of Home Affairs as was declared by a spokesperson of the organization,  “Respecting freedom to access information, we do not block one’s internet access, We have adopted a multipronged strategy which includes regulation, law enforcement, public education and provision of counselling and treatment services.”   

Detractors are also vocal about the stance of the Bureau. Director of Security and Integrity for the  Hong Kong Jockey Club, Martin Purbrick commented that Hong Kong citizens lose HK$12 million (£1 million) a year betting online and that the business was key to the “international expansion and legitimisation of organised crime within the region”.

The Hong Kong Bureau of Home Affairs said that it was still concerned with online illegal gambling, but that it would deal with the issue using other more effective measures.

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