Sweden Launches Probe Into Illegal Sports Betting

Published Friday, October 10, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Sweden Launches Probe Into Illegal Sports Betting

The online gambling industry depends totally on trust. Trusting that what the consumer is betting on is fair and on the up and up is paramount in keeping the interest in sports and gaming viable. All competitions are closely watched these days by a variety of organizations with crime prevention measures in place to deter those even thinking of corrupting the system. Education has been an effective tool to inform sports, officials, players and the public of the dangers of corrupt activity. Online gambling operators have joined in the fight to combat the scourge known as match fixing.

Sweden’s Svenska Spel, founded in 1997 is a state-owned company operating in the regulated gambling there. A recently announced launch of an investigation into match-fixing in the country was commissioned by the Swedish Sports Confederation, the Swedish Football Association national governing body and state-owned gaming operator Svenska Spel.

Sweden’s Crime Prevention Council (BRA) will head up the scrutiny into match fixing corruption in order to better understand the system and who is involved. General secretary for the Swedish Sports Confederation, Birgitta Ljung, commented on the initiative,  “Match-fixing is very serious and is a matter of credibility for the sport; to be effective, we need to gain more knowledge and this investigation will serve as an important basis to build on,”

 Svenska Spel is the largest gaming operator in Sweden with a net market share of 48 percent. Svenska Spel takes care of gaming and lotteries licensing for the Government and attempts to gain consumer interest by supplying a reliable alternative to illegal unlicensed gaming operations.  Chief Executive Officer for Svenska Spel, Lennart Source, continued to explain, “The development we see is troubling and we must do everything we can, in both national and international contexts, so that our selections are safe for the sport and for our customers. Fair play is a prerequisite for competing on equal terms; it is also the foundation of our clients' confidence in the game.”


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