Swedish Crackdown on Unpaid Online Gambling Taxes

Published Monday, October 13, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Swedish Crackdown on Unpaid Online Gambling Taxes

Sweden is taking online poker players to task when it comes to reporting their winnings to the tax man. The Swedish tax authority, Skatteverket, is looking for information on poker players who have collected poker gains from offshore gambling sites and haven’t submitted the resulting taxes on those winnings.

The Swedish tax man has revealed there are many poker players in Sweden who have won large money but the authorities have not been able to identify those players. A specialist in internet affairs working with the Swedish tax authority Dag Hardyson, commented, “I am pretty certain that this is the first time that we have used the possibility of trying to get information about not yet identified people,” Hardyson added, “And we have been getting excellent information from tax havens. This really has paid off.”

Swedish tax authorities have been searching for delinquent tax evaders since 2006 with some success.

The Skatteverket has been more successful locating the offending players with the use of poker forums and databases that track winnings. Notable subjects of their investigations included Viktor Blom, better known as “Isildur1,” who in 2011 was the subject of intense scrutiny while taking home winnings at the high stakes tables on the Full Tilt poker network.

Trolling trough information on websites and forums that referred to wins on various poker sites has given Hardyson some leads and allowed the authorities to track down the identities of these players. In the process since 2012 they have identified as many as 250 million Krona ($34.76 million) that has been won by around 250 Swedish online poker players.

 “We are talking about people who are well established in society, many of them are professional gamblers,” Hardyson explained, “Many of the people involved are professional poker players.” “These people will now be asked to pay taxes and fines for millions of Swedish Kronor,” commented, Unibet Poker ambassador Dan Glimme in a Swedish newspaper.


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