New York Seeks Online Gambling Legislation

Published Friday, October 17, 2014 -
New York Seeks Online Gambling Legislation

The USA is made up of individual jurisdictions that each have their own agenda, history and rules and issues. Gambling is permitted in some states and not others for example in Nevada and specifically Las Vegas, you can gamble just about every venue you can think of. At the carwash you can play video poker while you wait. Getting your prescription filled at the drugstore or food at the market and get you can take a break and play a slot machine. Gambling online is everywhere but gambling online in Nevada is restricted to poker which frustrates many sports punters.

This is different from other states that have legalized all types of online gambling. In New Jersey, you can play online slots and other casino games such as blackjack twenty four seven everywhere but you can only gamble in a terrestrial venue in Atlantic City.

A recent article in the New York Times pointed out the politics behind the move for a more progressive regulatory system that allows and applies rules to the online gambling industry on a federal level. The State of New York feels it deserves an equal chance. The article says that MGM Resorts is the group behind a campaign which supports online gambling in New York State. The ‘Let NY Play’ online poker campaign is being disseminated on the social media platforms, which started surfacing a few weeks ago.  The message of the campaign is that the privileges awarded to New Jersey residents to play online casino and poker games, should also be granted to New Yorker players.

MGM Resorts has a lot to gain with the introduction of online gambling in New York and supported legislation proposed by State Senator John Bonacic, calling for the introduction of online poker in the state.

Alan Feldman, the executive vice president of MGM told the New York Times: “The reality is that poker is the one whose business model is already established and the one that would be the most acceptable and appropriate, certainly from a political point of view.”






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