Online Gambling Targeted for Blocking Down Under

Published Wednesday, October 22, 2014 -
Online Gambling Targeted for Blocking Down Under

Considering all the different problems associated with the online gambling industry it seems fair to say one of the most controversial issues is the blocking of internet sites.

Australia is having a few difficulties getting their political as well as their legal agendas in line with some of the technical aspects of the web. Recently in April of 2013 The Australian Securities and Investment Commission revealed that it used the Telecommunications Act to request that internet service providers  block websites a number of times over the last year, which included one instance where 250,000 websites were blocked accidentally. The concern is there is a lack of transparency and oversight for the entire process, the department conceded. The proposal now is to develop "services disruption procedures" that government agencies must follow when trying to have websites blocked.

A parliamentary enquiry was launched around the issue by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull who said that the use of this power  doesn't amount to internet filtering. "There has been criticism that government agency use of Section 313 to disrupt access to illegal online services constitutes a policy of broad-based internet filtering. This is not the case. Broad-based filters typically block access to all instances of a specific category of services; for example, all web pages containing online gambling or featuring images or descriptions of pornography,"

"In contrast, the disruption of access to online services under Section 313 to date has been a targeted response to specific instances of illegal services. The types of services that can be targeted are restricted by Section 313 of the legislation, and disruption of access is typically only requested where an agency considers there is a strong public or national interest to do so. A decision to disrupt access to a service is specific to that instance."

Online gambling has been struggling in many jurisdictions to gain some traction in the respectable business department mostly it appears to be an uphill battle with governments.


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