Ontario Finally Reveals Online Gambling Platform

Published Wednesday, November 05, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Ontario Finally Reveals Online Gambling Platform

The good province of Ontario the business hub of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories is launching into the twenty first century offering government legal online gambling for the fans of the activity. Nearly 40% of all Canadians live in Ontario and it is the second largest geographically region of Canada with about 250,000 freshwater lakes.

The effort that has gone into producing an online gambling product for Ontario punters has been a long and exhausting process. The idea was put forth a long time ago and the anticipation of the arrival of a legally government set up web site for the purpose of wagering has been great.

It is finally online in a beta version that is up to get the bugs out the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation revealed. British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and most of the Atlantic Region  have been offering a provincially regulated online gambling  web location for some time with Ontario now on board there is more potential for the players to play. The PlayOLG site is offering casino games which include slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and of course lottery tickets.  

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation was not apologetic  about taking its sweet time in producing a viable gambling platform in fact the Corporation said they took time to learn and watch the evolution of regulated online gaming offerings worldwide.

PlayOLG will insure that those who online gamble can obtain a comprehensive Responsible Gambling program. Responsible Gambling is a cornerstone of OLG's online gambling offering. PlayOLG.ca will install safety and preventive programs including player education, and the encouragement of healthy play habits. Strong support for those who develop issues is also a mainstay of the platform. OLG's Responsible Gambling program has been recognized by the World Lottery Association with an accreditation at the highest level possible. The new PlayOLG location is claiming to be secure and trustworthy adding to the positive spin the OLG is putting on this ‘soft launch’.

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