Croatian Online Poker On the Way

Published Thursday, November 13, 2014 -
Croatian Online Poker On the Way

Croatia has been through great changes since the country was involved in the war in the Balkans that eventually gave the country back its identity in 1991.  Now that it is part of the European Union it has a chance at becoming more incredible than ever. Unfortunately one analyst said, "Next to Sweden, Croatia is the only country which is worse off after accession, not only economically but in every respect," So the marriage with the rest of the European neighbours hasn’t been all that great. There is hope on the horizon for the online poker sector after the European Commission has announced it approves of the proposed gaming laws in Croatia. The government can now go forward with its plans to  launch regulated, legalized, and open online poker market.

 The actual cost of the proposed licenses and tax regime is being touted as costly and perhaps may find some resistance from online poker operators.  One very good aspect of the Croatian plan to open up to online poker is the market fluidness has been maintained. Poker players from Croatia can now join the liquidity that they want for more exciting play.

The launch of a functioning online poker offering is expected to take a little time and should be up on the web by the middle of next year. Taxes are a serious consideration when a firm plans to operate in regulated environment. In the Croatia the plan is to have operators pay a five-percent monthly tax on gross revenues, while a set a tiered incremental tax will be imposed on players winnings. The tax curve goes up with the amount won and operators must keep back the amount from the winnings and pay the taxes instead of the players. On top of this responsibility a license from the Ministry of Finance, will start at $490,000 and then there must be a commitment to another $490,000 annually. These financial requirements may be to strident for some smaller online poker operators.





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