Caesars Restructuring Includes Online Gambling

Published Sunday, November 16, 2014 -
Caesars Restructuring Includes Online Gambling

The gambling industry is the opinion of some is reaching a saturation point where there are so many casinos and resorts that offer betting entertainment it exceeds the capacity of the market. The attractions at gambling venues are there to entice the consumer to stay a little longer and wager some cash. When on a roll, something everyone feels while on a vacation and it was likely that people didn’t mind having a flutter at the slots or tables. That formula has worked for years and the industry has flourished until there the stakes got bigger in Las Vegas and Macau and all the other incredible spots and jurisdictions like Monte Carlo and the many other amazing casino and spa vacation destinations.

Times have changed for those big name casinos such as Caesars which is in the struggle of its life to keep from going under the gavel. The firm has been making news for some time now regarding its tenuous financial situation. Caesars Entertainment Operating Co. has now actually said things are becoming critical which for those who have been watching this icon entertainment company have seen the writing on the wall for some time. Caesars has been posturing and making serious changes in its asset allocations indicating as the financial gurus have already pointed out so many times that Caesars is on the verge of a financial meltdown. A restructuring plan is being forged that may save the incredible Caesars brand which includes interactive gambling.

Caesars has been accused by some of its second level holders of the Caesars debt of transferring some of its more profitable assets into its Caesars Growth Partners. The returns for these investors may be lean as will the incomes of the less than one percent of the 6800 people who work for Caesars Entertainment who will lose their jobs. The company CEO Gary Loveman has said he intends to trim $300 million from the expense side of the ledger.  



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