Online Poker Rocked By Scam in Denmark

Published Sunday, December 14, 2014 -
Online Poker Rocked By Scam in Denmark

The internet has been subjected to a number of hacks of late in the entertainment world and now it has been revealed that high stakes online poker games have been subject to computer fraud involving a so called Trojan horse. A group of high stakes online cash game players, from Denmark, recently notified the Economic Crime Department in Copenhagen that they were cheated by another player who allegedly put the viral software on their computers.

Two people were charged officially with alleged computer fraud, although the courts have protected the identity of both individuals thus far said Police Commissioner, Torben Koldborg Frederiksen.

It has been suggested that Trojan horses have been installed in player laptops for some time now allowing the perpetrators to cheat the unsuspecting poker player out of millions of dollars in winnings. The hacker would be able to view the hole cards of their opponents and bet accordingly. This revelation that this sort of hacking has been going on for as many as nine years is a scandal that can rival almost any other in the online poker world.

Rumours abound with this story which has also suggested that the case has a connection to the scandal in Barcelona during the 2013 European Poker Tour when Finnish poker players Jens Kyllonen and Henri Jaakkola, said their hotel room being broken into and Trojan horse software installed. The Danish lawyer for one of the alleged hackers said in a statement “My client denies charges. It is also my opinion that there is neither loss or cheating at all, but in any case, allegations of two-three digit million amount is totally baseless.”

One of the victims of the scam told a Danish news site that he realized his computer had been tampered with when his computer had been rebooted while he was away from his home. The victim claims his surveillance cameras had been switched off for a period.


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