Czech Online Gambling Scrutinized

Published Tuesday, December 16, 2014 -
Czech Online Gambling Scrutinized

The Czech Republic has had its trials and tribulations over the centuries with one thing or another so the introduction of a move to curb the drinking and gambling appetites of the citizens is not so unusual. Czech national anti-drug coordinator Jindrich Voboril announced recently there would be more restrictions on the availability of both gambling opportunities and alcohol.

There are already measures now extended in place as stipulated by the recent changes in the national strategy for the anti-drug policy which were just approved by the government. The new policy will be valid until the end of 2018.

The current research on the alcohol consumption habits of people in the Czech Republic has shown action on this was needed. It has been suggested that the Nation has one of the highest consumption of alcohol per capita. Other research in Europe has compared Czech Republic’s  youth alcohol consumption with other countries and found it to be among the highest. Mr. Voboril also mentioned more amendments to the law, which will extend harsher punishment for supplying alcohol to the underage.

Along with amendments to the alcohol availability laws gambling was designated as an addictive substance in the new Czech harm reduction strategy.  Access to gambling in Czech is also considered very high. For every one thousand inhabitants there were 7.5 gaming machine in last year, while the percentage were 3.7 in Slovakia, 3 in Germany, 0.6 in Poland and 0.3 in Austria. Online bets with licensed gambling operators reached 14 billion crowns in Czech in 2012. The word "drugs" is replaced by "addictive substances and gambling," in the new amended restrictions pointing out the government intends to move on reducing gambling availability which they hope will reduce the social harm created by addiction. The results of the revised strategy are to be evaluated before the end of March 2019.



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