Disruptive Products Lead Online Gambling Industry

Published Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Disruptive Products Lead Online Gambling Industry

The new word on the scene lately is the word ‘disruptive’ which according to the English Thesaurus has a number of synonyms that basically describe trouble that is disturbing and unsettling. When used in the context of innovative ideas ‘disruptive’ can mean an idea that serves up a new dish, straying from the same old menu. This disruption for the consumer can be sometimes a disappointment or a bold new approach that goes beyond the ordinary and adds value to a product.

The online gambling industry has seen many innovations over the years and the designers and operators of online gambling products are solidly on track when it comes to finding and implementing new ideas. Innovation can go from modest start-ups to firms that have big money backers and those operators who have developed or just installed more innovative online gambling products.

Adding interactivity to an old favourite like bingo have for example socialized the playing of this entertainment staple to the point where it has taken online bingo to another level. The new level is also seen in the disruptive social gaming as it is applied to casino games which are now available on social networks that give players an opportunity to play as teams and compete with other teams all online. While social online gambling may be the new kid on the block for the consumer who enjoys the idea of gambling with friends, operators are also benefiting from disruptive ideas.

Administration and data collection innovations have greatly improved the abilities of online gambling operators to scale their offering and make rapid changes. Technology is undergoing the same research and development learning curve with results that increase revenue while reducing costs.

There are many new products and applications coming online each year with some proven and some yet to be experimented with. Looking for the latest innovation is an experience investors know all too well, keeping up with the disruptions can become a full time job.




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