Online Gambling Returns Only Three Percent for BCLC

Published Thursday, December 18, 2014 -
Online Gambling Returns Only Three Percent for BCLC

How times have changed in five decades the things that used to be immoral, illegal and discouraged at all costs are now accepted, legalized and promoted in various media. The politics of gambling has seen enormous change over the last half century with online gambling now on the edge of social acceptability.

Governments all over the world deal with gambling in differing ways. The political repercussions of some policy decisions regarding the introduction of internet betting from government organizations has been met with criticism. In the Province of British Columbia Canada  the NDP gambling critic David Eby says the B.C. Lottery Corp. continues to waste money and have significant gaps in control of illegal activities.

Recent findings in a review of the Corporation revealed that BCLC costs have been rising much quicker than revenues from gambling sources. The problem of waste is also exemplified by the four departing executives who received an 18 month severance pay regardless of their length of service, and a survey of retailers found that 40 per cent of them sold lottery tickets to underage consumers.

The financial review revealed that BCLC's online poker and online gambling venture is bringing in only three per cent of the corporation's revenues after a five year stint. The interest in playing online with the government offering is minimal as compared to the available.offshore consumption of gambling products. Management oversight has proved costly for the BCLC with the overhaul of the corporation's human resources department after a staff buyout program that was intended to save $6.6 million, ended up costing $25 million. The program was "not a particularly shining example" of management, Finance Minister Mike de Jong commented.

At least the financial activity of online customers is closely monitored it is not so when it comes to cash in British Columbia’s casinos where there are many alleged suspicious cash transactions which the BCLC brass regards as normal for high rollers.



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